Dear Abilene

Write to Catfish the TV Show

August 25, 2013

The Question

I'm in a 9-month, long-distance relationship, and throughout our time connecting and getting to know each other we've been getting a lot of flak from some of our friends and mostly from my family. My sisters tell me that he's not real. This has made my online boyfriend and I even considering breaking up. He posted a photo of somebody else because he said he wasn't good-looking enough. Should I take my family's advice?

-J.S. in Des Moines, IA

The Answer

Dear J.S.:  I see from Google that you have asked this question before and have received answers from anyone who wants to get involved.  You are asking the wrong people, including Dear Abilene.  You should be writing to Catfish, the TV Show.  That show does nothing but research online relationships that resist getting real.

Good luck. 

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